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Texas Ultimate Certification Course Package

Texas Ultimate Certification Course Package Online Training & Certification

Do you want affordable training in Responsible Serving, Food Handling, and Tobacco Selling for the state of Texas? Your search stops here!

Receive all 3 credentials for the State of Texas:
  • Texas TABC Certification - Responsible Alcohol Server / Seller Training Certificate
  • Texas Food Handler Certificate / Card, and 
  • Texas Tobacco Seller Certification 
in one location for one low price!

The three courses in this premium package deal have been reviewed and approved to give you valid certificates for Responsible Serving of Alcohol, Safe Food Handling, and Tobacco Selling in the state of Texas.

Our courses are offered 100% online for your convenience. Forget about stressing over making time in your busy schedule to be able to attend classroom lectures. Our courses adjust to your schedule and can be completed anywhere with an internet connection. 

A few key features of our courses include interactive flashcards, instantly-graded quizzes and exams, videos, and more!

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Texas Ultimate Certification Course Package: $17.99